Web Design &

Massage Center

Experience a complete website redesign for massage center with new colors, visual elements, and composition aligned. All photos are carefully re-edited from scratch. Introducing online appointment scheduling for seamless booking. Engaging blog posts and monthly maintenance services. 

Medical Clinic
"MD Damnjanovic"

This website has been created from scratch. All the photos on the website are original and captured by me. A photoshoot was organized with a model. A custom logo was designed for the brand, and the website is aligned with the colors of the logo. 

The aesthetics of the website are focused on cleanliness and well-organized elements to ensure easy navigation for users. The white background provides clarity and serves as a strong contrast to the trustworthy blue color.

E-commerce website

Introducing the E-commerce Website Redesign for DISCIPLINA STORE from Belgrade, Serbia. I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with a renowned clothing brand, where I led the redesign of their e-commerce website. From curating an exquisite product catalog to enhancing user experience and optimizing website performance, my contributions encompassed a diverse array of tasks. Here’s an overview of the  project.

DABS Alati
E-commerce website

DABS Alati are tool store from Serbia. They have over 20 years of experience, and they are leading wholesale and retail store offering with wide range of tools to cater to individual, household, and professional needs. Their product lineup includes renowned brands such as Bosch and Makita, as well as a plethora of other top-quality tool brands.

This E-commerce website project included making website from scratch handling the categorization, colors, ordering process and organization of elements, inserting over 2000 products, as well as redesigning the logo.  

Zen Digital

Website development for Zen Digital, a cutting-edge digital signage solution that empowers businesses to boost sales, improve operations, and enhance brand recognition. As part of this project, I designed and developed their dynamic website, creating a captivating online presence for their services.