Nature & Animal

More of my work you can see on my Social Media @natasailicc

Welcome to my portfolio of nature and animal photography, where my hobby has transformed into a daily passion. These images are the reason why I never let go of my camera, wherever I go. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and the animal kingdom, as the next section awaits you with a presentation of my professional photography.

Nataša Ilić Photography
Nataša Ilić Photography
Nataša Ilić Photography

Water Park, Events, Hotel Accommodation "S Club"

More of my work you can see on their Social Media @sklubjakovo

First part
Water Park & Pools

Welcome to my water park photography portfolio where I capture all amazing moments in the breathtaking aqua park based in Hotel Restort S Club in Belgrade.

Get into this visual journey and explore the beauty of their tranquil oasis of the tropical pool, with a water bar and palm tree island. Their exhilarating slides and the Wave pool will leave you speachless.

Second part
Event Photography

Step into my event photography portfolio and discover the diverse spaces within Hotel Resort that set the stage for unforgettable occasions.

Through captivating images, I showcase the unique ambiance of each event space, from elegant ballrooms to breathtaking outdoor terraces.

Join me on a visual journey through beautifully set tables, dance floors alive with joy, and the enchanting backdrops that elevate every event. Experience the magic and versatility of Hotel Resort’s event spaces as I capture the essence and spirit that make each occasion truly extraordinary.

* There are four different event spaces available for celebrations – the area next to the tropical pool, the area near the largest pool, the elegant S Dvorana, and the garden of the restaurant.

Third part
Hotel Accommodation

Welcome to my portfolio of  Hotel Accommodation Photography, showcasing amazing rooms for perfect stay in one of the biggest Hotel Resorts in Serbia -“S Club”. 

Dive into ambience and comfort of each space and experience the art of hotel accommodation through my photography.

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